Thought For The Day- What Is God Saying

“So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath;”- James. James 1:19 NKJV.

I find out that when I say to people “God told me,” I get this strange look like God is not supposed to speak with me. I stated in one of my previous blogs that you cannot have a relationship without communication. Even if that relationship is with God through Jesus Christ, there must be some form of communication. The one place to find out what God has commanded us to do and what he expects from us is the bible. However, because of the ongoing relationship we have with him, he also communicates with us daily.

You might say to me, “I don’t hear God every day,” or “God never speaks to me,” but you would be wrong either way. The further I go along this journey, I realize that everything God does has a purpose. The way God speaks loud and clear to us all every day is through the daily events of our lives. We may think that certain things happen because of the decisions we make and that may very well be true but beyond this, there is also an underlying message in it for you and guess who sent that message, God. If I still have your undivided attention at this point, you may be scratching your head and saying, “so every decision I make, God is talking to me? If I decide to brush my teeth or not, that’s God?” Not exactly, however you should brush your teeth because that’s just good oral hygiene. Allow me to dive a little deeper to explain.

Most times in our lives when tragic or unfortunate events occur our first reaction could be sadness, anger or even confusion. These events sometimes mask a message or even a warning from God. Remember I said earlier that everything God does has a purpose, yes even these uncomfortable events have a purpose. The reason we don’t think of it this way is that we get wrapped up in our emotions and we are not swift to listen to what God is saying through these events. Trust me it’s not easy, it took me a while to grasp this as well but once I did, it changed my outlook on life events forever. My wife and I have been through some very tragic situations and if it were not for us coming to this understanding and by God’s grace we will not have come out on top. Most times the question we often ask is “why is this happening to me?” when these things happen but the real question we should be asking is, “what.” As in, “what is God saying to me through this situation” and finding out what he wants us to learn from it.

God also speaks to us through other events that are not life-altering, but you must have an ear to hear him. That is why the above passage is very vital for any relationship, especially the one we have with God through Jesus Christ. Once you can hear God in this form, it will better help you shape your life, shed light on situations that may otherwise seem complicated but most importantly, it will help you grow spiritually and improve your communication with God. These are Julien’s thoughts and what’s on his mind.

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