Thought For The Day- Update

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you who read my blog and follow me. I really appreciate you guys for taking the time to read the blog. A while ago I mentioned on one of the blogs that I would be creating a YouTube channel to support the blog, well, the YouTube channel is up and running, that’s the update. I will leave a link to the channel below. I will continue to put out a new blog every Tuesday and I will be uploading videos on the You Tube channel on a regular basis.

The You Tube channel will be to talk more in dept about topics on the blog and some topics that will not be on the blog. I will also be sharing some more personal experiences on  the channel to continue to encourage viewers. Again, I want to thank you all and I am so humbled that you read my blog. Please consider subscribing to the You Tube channel and like, share and comment on videos. May God continue to bless and provide for you all and your families in Jesus Mighty name. Amen. Here is the link to the channel

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