Thought For The Day- Did You Receive Your Reward

But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, that your charitable deed may be in secret; and your father who sees in secret will himself reward you openly. Matthew 6:3-4 NKJV.

Charitable according to Google is defined as relating to the assistance of those in need. Sometimes our own situation and circumstances seems so loud and that we forget that there are others who have it way worse than what we are going through. Unfortunately, our society teaches us self preservation as opposed to what Jesus teaches us, to put others first. I understand this is not a principle that seems logical but allow me to try and simplify. If we assume, which we can, that everything we do to other people we do it to Jesus it puts things in a different perspective. Jesus said in Matt 25:40 that whatever we do to the others we do to him. So simply put, if we help others Jesus will reward and help us because we showed compassion to other people. I have applied this principle in my life numerous times and Jesus has rewarded me, sometimes within minutes. One day on my way to work, (got called in early) I stopped to grab something to take to work to eat at lunch time, I was approached by someone who asked if I could spare change for them to get something to eat. I did not have my debit card and only had a $5 bill in my wallet. I gave the $5 bill to the man that asked and prayed with him. I got in my car and said God I know you will take care of my lunch today, thank you. Within an hour of getting to work, my supervisor came to me thanked me for coming in early and reached into his wallet and gave me a $10 bill and said, “lunch is on me.” I thanked him and smiled to myself and said God, thanks for lunch. That’s Jesus’s principle of putting others first and being rewarded by him in theory and practice, of course it applies to much more than lunch.

When I did this charitable deed, I was very careful not to make a scene or draw attention to what I was doing. That is what the passage above means, when we help other people in need, it should be genuine and from the heart, it should not be for show or something to post on social media for likes and comments. Jesus tells us that when we do things like that, we have received our reward and God will not reward us for that charitable deed. I also know that people have made it a bit harder to help others because they take advantage or sometimes use it as a means to criminal activities. Be kind and help others when you can but be safe and wise about it. Always ask God for protection and guidance and he will direct your path. These are Julien’s thought and what’s on his mind. 

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