Thought For The Day- Love, The Medication That Cures But Most Don’t Have

And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8 NKJV.

One of my earlier blogs that I wrote was titled, “love your enemies.” A friend of mine read it and he said, “Julien, I know God wants us to love everybody, but I don’t know if I can love my enemies.” I looked at him puzzled and I asked “why not?” He didn’t really give me an answer and I said “there is no blessing in only loving those who love you, even, Jesus said this.” The real question here is who are our enemies? We believe that people are our enemies but the truth is, no one really is your enemy except the accuser, the devil and his angels. Ephesians 6:12, tells us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against that which we cannot see. It took me a while to really grasp this because any time someone did or said something to me I held that person responsible for their words or actions.

What we need to understand is that behind everyone who has ever done anything to stir up negative emotions in you, I promise you that there was a spirit behind it. Sometimes these spirits use the people that are closest to you because that makes it more personal. We need to look past people, know what the spirit behind them is trying to do then do the opposite. For example, if the spirit is trying to get you angry and make you say something you can’t take back, keep your cool and don’t say anything, walk away if you have to.

The cares of this world and the pride of life makes it easier to dislike or not love others but this ought not to be so. Think of all the things that can be avoided if we just loved one another, we would not get angry with each other, we would not seek revenge, we would not say hurtful things to each other and we would not kill one another or steal from each other. That’s why the above passage says love covers a multitude of sins. Learn to love one another and may God bless you as you do so. These are Julien’s thoughts and what’s on his mind.

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