Why Do We Fear

Fear, what is it? And why does it have so much power over us? The dictionary defines fear as”an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.” While this is an acceptable definition, I believe that fear is more than that. For instance, the fear you feel if your life is threatened is not the same kind of fear you feel, if you were to lose your job (assuming it is your only source of income) but fear none the less. I don’t think fear can be summed up in one definition but one thing I know personally, is that fear is the devil’s favorite tool to use against us. The reason for this is because it is so effective and it stops us dead in our tracks. You don’t believe me? Lets take the losing of the job scenario again, how many people do you know right now, that are dissatisfied with their job for one reason or the other but are afraid to take the steps to secure a better job, for fear of losing the job they are dissatisfied with. I will go even further, how many people do you know, who are stuck at dead end jobs and have talent they could market to help them start their own successful business. Personally, I know quite a few people and their reason can be summed up as fear of failure, fear of the unknown world of business and so on.
So where did fear come from? If we really want to be technical we can trace fear back to Adam and Eve, after they ate of the tree “Of  knowledge of good and evil”, among other things fear was introduced into the world. The not so technical answer, we taught ourselves to fear. We were not born with fear it’s something we were taught and sometimes, it was taught indirectly.The point is that we were created to be fearless, it was not in God’s plan for us to fear, hence one of the most commonly repeated phrase in the bible is “Have no fear”, “Fear not” or it’s sometimes put as “Do not be afraid”. In fact, in Joshua 1 verse 9, God commands Joshua not to be afraid and we see what Joshua accomplished. If you are not familiar with the Book of Joshua, it’s a good read and will help you with removing fear and I know some of us will relate to his story. Concerning the fear of material things like losing a job, a car, our homes, even Jesus tells us not to worry about those things because if you really think about it, material things can be replaced but fear doesn’t let us think rationally. Check out Matthew 6 verse 31 to 34 in the Bible and also check out Matthew 10:31. Getting rid of fear is not enough, it has to be replaced with  Faith.Where Faith exists fear cannot and all our actions are either governed by one or the other.
Which one determines your day to day actions, your long and short term dreams or goals, is it fear or Faith. Let me encourage you today to chose Faith (in God) because it pleases God. God did not create you to Fear. Go ahead, start that business, start it on the side while you keep your job, once it can replace your income, pursue it full time. Go ahead, apply for that job that you don’t think you qualify for, you just may be the person they are looking for. Talk to that girl that you admire but doesn’t know you exist, she just may be your soul mate. Whatever fear is stopping you from doing, grab a hold of Faith and move forward, it just may lead you to your destiny. Imagine a world without fear, the things we could accomplish, individually and collectively. These are Julien’s thoughts and what’s on his mind.

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