How Do You Heal A Broken Heart

At some point in time or the other, in everyone’s’ lives they experience heart break or at least a form of it. Some people never truly recover from a broken heart, while it takes others what seems to be a life time to recover from it. Can a broken heart be healed?  If so, how can you heal a broken heart. I am not going to act as though I have the golden answer to this question because there is none, I am merely going to share what worked for me.
The first step I took was to forgive. While this could be the hardest thing to do because we have so many reasons why we shouldn’t forgive the other person. In addition to that, we label ourselves as the victim and why it shouldn’t have been us, well, I would not wish this on anyone else. The truth is that forgiveness is not for the person who broke your heart, it’s for you. I will have a separate blog on forgiveness and my thoughts on it because it’s a topic that deserves it. Forgiveness helps you to start putting pieces of yourself back together. It takes power away from the heart breaker to the heart broken and puts you back in the driver’s seat. How you ask? Because once you forgive a person, you take the stigma of the victim off you. What you are saying to your sub conscious is that I am not going to let this person dictate my emotions, I am in control of my emotions. Where there is no forgiveness emotions run wild. That’s why even Jesus made mention of forgiveness several times, especially when Peter asked him how many times do I forgive my brother? Matthew 18 verses 21 and 22. 
If you thought the first step was hard, wait till you hear the second step. This step is to Love the person who caused you the heartbreak. At this point I know you are saying Julien, you have lost your mind. I promise you, my mind is intact. Its easy to hate when someone hurts us but when you Love and show Love to someone who hurts you, it doesn’t make you weak, it does something very powerful, it disarms the heart breaker. Love is a shield that says “no matter what you throw at me I will not be broken” Love is not a weakness it’s a weapon and only the strong can wield it. Luke 6:27 and 28, it took a while for me but once I learned it, it was life changing and I still use it everyday. These are Julien’s thoughts and what’s on his mind.

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